Developing the community sector through Education and Training……

In the community sector education and training are an indispensable part of improving the performance and productivity of all staff, volunteers and students working in the wider community. Training is a program designed to develop knowledge and skills for the requirements of a particular role; while Development is an educational process concerned with the overall growth of staff, volunteers and students helping them to bring efficiency and effectiveness to their work performance.


On commencement with an organisation volunteers are given an induction and orientation.

An induction is a planned training program used to inform the volunteer of the organisational hierarchy and an overview of the organisation’s mission, values, policies, dress code etc. This is done at the introductory stage and is then followed by an orientation.

The orientation is conducted to introduce the volunteer to their supervisor and co-workers, show them around their job location, give them an overview of job and discuss any concerns the new volunteer might have etc. This helps the volunteer become familiar with organisation and the people they are going to work with.

Student Placements

Learning in the workplace involves a student undertaking a placement with a nominated host organisation to help students link theoretical learning with its application in the workplace. This enables students to expand on their knowledge and skills, improve their employability experience, reflect on and evaluate their own work practices.

The number of hours a student is expected to complete will depend on their course requirements. Students are encouraged to participate in placements that are consistent with their field of study.

On-going Training and Development

As part of developing the community sector, our service offers on-going skill-based training provided by accredited trainers. The training is available for staff, support workers, volunteers, students, carers and private individuals who are involved with the community sector.

Our service provides training in various locations across the Logan – Beaudesert regions and is FREE for volunteers, students and carers.

Depending on which training session paid staff etc., attend, a small fee may be charged and is indicated on the training page for each session.