The Flexible Living Ltd Volunteering Service recruits and links people to suitable positions and locations within QCCS funded organisations.
We offer skilled based training, education and information.

QCCS funded programs provide a meaningful service by supporting elderly people and young people with a disability to continue living independently in the community.
QCCS organsiations are able to function at a high level due to their wonderful volunteers.Without their network of volunteers, services to the aged care and young disability sector would be reduced and some services would be redundant.


1  Consideration 
Ask yourself the following questions when thinking about volunteering:
• Why do I want to volunteer?
• What days do I have free to volunteer?
• How much time can I give to volunteering?
• How can volunteering fit in with my commitments?
2   Application
Complete and submit the Volunteer Application Form found at We will contact you within 48 hours to discuss in further detail a position and locality that is suitable for you and answer any further questions you may have. Alternatively you can contact us by phone on 0432 935 052.
3    Placement    
An interview will be conducted to effectively match the volunteer to a suitable position & QCCS organisation.
4    Ongoing Training
Volunteering Service provides QCCS volunteers with on-going skill based training and support throughout the duration of their placement.

In order for volunteers to learn about the organisation they are working for, an induction is provided by the organisation prior to commencement.  Including specific training requirements and on the job training to better assist volunteers in their roles.
In addition to this, the Volunteering Service provides opportunities for volunteers to access free quality based and educational training, to  build confidence, skills and knowledge when working in the aged care and disability sector.  Our aim is to achieve training/learning outcomes to help volunteers gain satisfaction and personal growth from their volunteering experience.


Flexible Living Ltd embraces people from all walks of life and who want to make a difference regardless of education, background or skill set.

For more information about our volunteering service, please visit our dedicated site at