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Most organisations don’t have time to create forms for when they are employing volunteers or taking on student placements. Organisations can adapt forms used when a new paid worker commences however, there may information that is not relevant. That is why we have listed some samples of forms for both new volunteers and student placements giving organisations and idea of what information may be needed when employing people in these roles.

Interview Forms for New Volunteers

Telephone interviews are often used to narrow the pool of applicants for in-person interviews. Once suitable applicants are chosen, then a formal interview can be conducted to determine if the applicant has the qualifications and/or skills for the role the organisation would like to fill. The following forms can assist the volunteer manager/coordinator, especially the interview form, to find the right person for the organisation.

Application for a Volunteer Position and Emergency Contacts

New Volunteer Interview Form

Confidentiality Agreement

Volunteer Agreement Form

Interview Forms for Students

Interviewing a student for a work placement is unique because they don’t often have work experience or are new to the sector. However, they still have a lot to offer. Using the forms below can help volunteer managers/coordinators to gather information on what course they are studying and the learning criteria that has to be completed during a placement.

Student Emergency Contact Details

Student Placement Application

Student Agreement Form

Confidentiality Agreement – same as for new volunteers

Induction and Orientation Documents

Induction and orientation is an important process for both new volunteers and/or students commencing with the organisation. It provides an introduction to the working environment and set-up of the organisation.

Induction Manual – Sample

Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuations Checklist

Induction Checklist

Orientation Checklist

Evaluation Forms

These forms are usually completed by the volunteer manager/coordinator when:

  • a volunteer has been working for at least six weeks; and
  • a student has completed their work placement.

The information given in the evaluation can be used as a guide to improving the experience of both the volunteer and/or student in providing feedback to the organisation on their management of volunteers and/or students.

Volunteer Evaluation Form

Student Evaluation Form