Another remarkable woman, Wendy Harvey – completing 14 years of service at Flexible Living and Ability Care.

In the words of Wendy:

“Why I Enjoy Volunteering”

Since 2006 I have been volunteering with Flexible Living. 3 Wineglass Drive, Respite Centre was where I first started, then later at the Browns Plains Office; and eventually in the Loganholme office. I enjoy the interaction that goes with the work.

Over the years I have used many of my transferable skills and learnt new ones; completed many tasks in the office areas; generally being involved with answering the phones; greeting visitors at the reception desk, creating files, Filing, Archiving, or topping up the printer/copier paper whenever there is a spare moment; I have even turned my hand to cleaning and tidying where ever needed.

I have enjoyed working with all of the staff; from past and to the present day. Some I consider to be my friends  and having their support to keep in touch with during this challenging time…is comforting.

It makes me feel good; when someone says they can’t talk to anyone else about their problems because they are too personal, but then come to me because they feel they can trust me enough to talk to me about it. I am a good sounding board with a sensitive listening ear (strictly confidential; if and when needed).

The saying goes… “You are only as strong as your weakest link”; so, I feel pretty strong with all the staff who have helped me along the way.

I feel I must have made a difference to others who I have worked with and for; because I am still with the company after all this time…which to me is an accomplishment – I am proud of. I really appreciate everyone who has been on my volunteering path with me throughout the time I have been volunteering with Flexible Living and Ability Care.