Mrs Green lives on a beautiful two acre property which she purchased with her son and his family at the age of 86, she had always dreamed of living semi-rural and enjoying the simple pleasures of the Australian landscape, growing her own vegetables, and growing her beloved orchids.

Within that year both her sons tragically passed away and her daughter in law and grandchildren

relocated to NSW, leaving Mrs Green alone with the property and at risk of isolation.

Mrs Green openly discusses how she knows she would not be able to live as independently as she does without the support of Flexible Living. Flexible Living happily provides support to Mrs

Green with domestic assistance and access to the centre based service. Mrs

Green has expressed her gratitude to the centre-based staff­ and the wonderful volunteer bus drivers as this service is invaluable to Mrs Green, she has made numerous lifelong friends and attended activities that she would not have been able to experience otherwise.

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